Briggs & Riley Travel Basics Quick-Release Strap W-20

color: Black
Sale price$10.00


Quick-Release Strap By Briggs & Riley

It’s easy to add additional bags to the front of your upright with this quick release strap.

The strap easily secures to the top QRS buckle of any Briggs & Riley Upright.

Intelligent design keeps the bag’s center of gravity low, so your Upright is always balanced and easy to maneuver.

Features: Attaches to the QRS buckle on the top of the Uprights Used to attach extra bags to the front of the Uprights

Keeps the center of gravity low, making rolling the

Upright almost effortless

Weight: 0.21 lbs. / 0.1 kg. Fabric:

Heavy duty 2 2mm webbing

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