Bucky S810 Block Out Eye Shades

Color: Red
Sale price$22.00


New Arrival!

Our Bucky S810 Block Out Eye Shades feature: BUCKY BLOCKOUT SHADES with Earplugs are an item that you're going to love!

BLOCKOUT SHADES can help you get the deep sleep that we all need for good health!

These BLOCKOUT SHADES include softly contoured, polyester lined foam around the eye socket and are padded to follow the contour of your nose to provide complete darkness, stimulating your body’s own natural melatonin production which is helpful for falling asleep.

We also included a pair of reusable earplugs to block out noise and there are handy storage loops for the earplugs on the elastic head band on the side with velcro, which is adjustable to help with a comfortable fit. Hand wash, cold water.


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