Design Go Aero Snoozer Inflatable Neck Pillow 256

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Our Design Go Aero Snoozer Inflatable Neck Pillow 256 features:

A revolutionary inflatable pillow, contoured for extra comfort and uniquely shaped for fully structured support. Featuring an elasticated front closure to securely hold your head in place, it prevents frustrating head roll. Optimally placed seams avoid irritation. While the wide, quick-adjust air valve allows rapid inflation and deflation. The push button valve design instantly releases air for a custom fit. Lightweight, it packs completely flat for extra convenience on any trip.

  • Revolutionary inflatable neck pillow
  • Elasticated closure strap prevents the head from falling forward
  • Wide air valve allows for a quick inflate/deflate
  • Packs flat for travel

Material: Cotton, Elastane, Nylon, Viscose

Care: Wipe clean only

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