Fly With Wine VinXplorer Backpack 043514

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 Perfect Gift for your special someone that has EVERYTHING!

Our Fly With Wine VinXplorer Backpack 043514 features:

VinXplorer Wine and Beverage Backpack with removable padded two bottle wine carrying case, a 1.5-liter bladder for liquid storage, and a spout for serving wine or other stored beverages.

VinXplorer is a must-have unique travel solution for the outdoor lifestyle enthusiast, whether for hiking, biking, boating, road travel, or just having a party on the go with your favorite wine, beer, spirits, or other beverage of choice. This flexible design features a removable 2-bottle hard shell case insert and a disposable 1.5-liter bladder with nozzle for storing and dispensing beverages from inside a waterproof compartment. Separate compartments store laptop(s), devices, and other personal effects. The padded adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps can be tucked away inside so that the side backpack handle can allow the user to carry on board airlines without liquids like regular luggage.

Internal Features

  • Includes a roomy main compartment for carrying daily needs
  • Removable hard shell zippered case insert that holds 2 wine bottles
  • 2 disposable 1.5-liter plastic bladders with nozzle for storing and dispensing liquid inside a waterproof compartment
  • Separate compartment for storing Laptop and other tech gear.
  • Also holds 3-liter pouch that comes with most wine in a box brands.

 External Features:

  • Durable nylon construction, stylish and versatile backpack
  • Double-zip entry for easy access to the main compartments
  • Padded adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps that can be easily stored away in zippered backpack utilizing side handle to carry on like regular luggage.
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty

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