Private Label 2-Shelf High Back Chrome Luggage Rack 71058

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Our Private Label 2-Shelf High Back Chrome Luggage Rack 71058 features:

2-Tier High Back Chrome Folding Luggage Rack is the perfect place for your guests to store their luggage, suitcases, shoes, purses, briefcases, bags and more.

The additional shelf on the bottom of the rack allows your guest to keep their valuables off the floor without having to worry about removing luggage from the top shelf.

Built with a high back to rest against the wall and have the added security that your luggage and rack will not fall over.

Made of durable high-quality steel with an attractive chrome finish which will provide an upscale modern look that matches any decor.

High quality rubber feet keep it secure and prevents damage to your floors.

Four nylon straps that can handle heavy luggage and add additional support and stability.

No assembly required and folds flat for easy and efficient storage..


Dimensions when folded: 32 X 25 X 3.5"


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