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Our SCOTTEVEST JACKET for Men SJM features:

- Typically, people talk about the engineering of a building darting into a city skyline, or the perfect balance of a sports car as it tears around a track (we're partial to the lines of a Porsche).

But how often do you hear people rave about the engineering of a jacket? We set out to create an article of clothing with perfect balance (like a sports car), enough character to stand out from the crowd (like a piece of architecture), and yet enough functionality that you could wear it every day.

It was a long process, but we are pleased with the result: the SeV Sterling Jacket for Men with 24 Pockets. - 24 pockets is a lot, even for us. It matches the number of pockets in our popular Travel Vest for Men, but looks absolutely different. (We checked and rechecked our pocket count because even we didn't believe it!)

- great & casual, lightweight jacket that bridges the gap between stylish and functional.

- Oh, and it's a vest, too. Really… it's hard to tell from the way we engineered - The sleeves, are removable. Admittedly, it may not be how you wear the Sterling every day, but it's a great feature for travel when you may not know what conditions you'll be facing during your trip.

- We love how it doesn't look at all like "travel clothing," so you can blend into the crowd knowing that your documents, cash and gadgets are safely secured inside. 

- The Sterling Jacket has an RFID-blocking material lining a special interior pocket to protect your credit cards and passport from RFID skimmers, who could otherwise steal your data and identity without your knowledge.

- Whether you wear the Sterling Jacket around town or around the world, you can stay charged and tangle-free with the patented PAN (Personal Area Network) that is integrated into each jacket.

- Special channels in the jacket lining allow you to wire a battery pack from one pocket to a device in another pocket.

- wire headphones through the PAN and see/control your phone through the material of the interior clear touch pocket, so once you put on the jacket, you're wired for the whole journey.

- TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing®, and into every life a little rain must fall, we Teflon® treated the Sterling Jacket for water and stain resistance to protect your gadgets (and you) from getting wet.

- has an anti-static treatment to help keep you fuzz-free.

- The SeV Sterling Jacket for Men is made of a Cotton/Nylon blend,

- machine washable and is available in a variety of colors.

- iPad fits in size Medium and up. 

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