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Our Stuffa ONE Vest features: The Stuffa One Jacket is a versatile, lightweight bodywarmer with 12 stuffable pockets concealed within the lining capable of holding up to 5kg of clothing, and two external zip pockets for your wallet, phone, keys, hands or whatever…

Designed to help beat excess baggage charges but also perfect for short trips, long walks, festival-going – or for keeping you warm when you’re out and about.

Features: 12 internal pockets concealed within the lining 2 secure external zip pockets 100% Nylon ripstop with PU milky coating

125g Microfleece lined collar for added comfort

Polyester taffeta 2-way stretch mesh 100% Poly-fill, down touch effect fill in body 2 x 2 100% cotton ribbed hem

Product Guide:

Careful packing will help you fit more in your Stuffa Jacket without it looking bulky or feeling uncomfortable.

These tips will help you comfortably pack 4 t-shirts, 4 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of pants, 1 lightweight jumper, some gloves, a scarf and 1 pair of jeans.

There are 12 internal pockets to stuff.

Use them all and keep your stuffing balanced. Neatly fold or roll items to be packed. Keep folds to the minimum to reduce thickness and limit bulges. Put large items like jeans and jumpers in the larger pockets and small items like socks and underwear in the smaller pockets.

Try not to over-pack your Stuffa Jacket – it’s not a good look! When you arrive at your destination you can turn your Stuffa Jacket inside out, hang it up and use as a temporary hanging wardrobe.

Or unpack it and wear as a normal bodywarmer. On your return journey, wrap dirty clothes in plastic bags before packing. Airports have strict rules on what you can and can’t take on board a flight so check the current regulations before flying. Product Care

Stuffa recommends cleaning your Stuffa Jacket at 30°C with Nikwax. Tumble dry on a cold/low heat with a tennis ball to keep volume.

M Chest: 40-42″

L Chest: 42-44″

XL Chest: 44-46″

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