Travelon Emergency Rain Poncho 12215 Clear

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Our Travelon Emergency Rain Poncho 12215 Clear features:
This compact poncho is extremely portable and features an attached hood for extra rain protection. Stay prepared for wet weather with Travelon's Emergency Rain Poncho. This lightweight poncho is made with a clear recycled plastic and features an attached hood for ultimate protection from the elements. This Emergency Rain Poncho's compact packaging makes it ideal for use while camping, hiking, hunting and many other outdoor activities. A one size fits all design ensures that the Emergency Rain Poncho is suitable for most individuals

• One size fits all

• Compact and portable

•Permanent, attached hood

• Made from recycled PE


Size: 4" x 6" x 0.375"
Open Size: 50" x 80"
Material: Recycled PE
Weight (lbs): 0.10

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