Travelon Set of 4 Soft Packing Organizers 43440

Color: Black
Sale price$27.50


Our Travelon Set of 4 Soft Packing Organizers 43440 features:

Arrive in style, without unwanted wrinkles. From socks to shirts, our packing cubes divide, conquer, and organize everything inside your suitcase. Made from water resistant polyester that protects clothes and designed with a mesh panel to make it easy to find what you need without unpacking your whole bag. Whether it’s for travel, household organization, or any other storage need, the Set of 4 Soft Packing Organizers offer exceptional versatility.

• 4 modular stacking sizes for organized packing to improve luggage capacity

• Mesh top panel provides visibility and is breathable

• Soft edges to maximize space

• Lightweight, water-resistant ripstop


Volume (cubic liter): 2 sm, 4 med, 5 lg

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