Zero Halliburton EDGE LIGHTWEIGHT Polycarbonate Medium Travel Case 80022

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Some trips require more than just a carry-on. That’s where the 26-inch Medium Travel Case shines. Equipped with a wealth of custom features and almost 20 additional liters of capacity above our carry-on case, this piece offers the freedom to pack for two or to add those extra essential items for multi-day trips without the burden of a larger bag. The versatile luggage navigates any terrain with ease, thanks to convenient 360-degree turning wheels, an impossibly lightweight and impact defying exterior, and a seamless telescoping pull handle that ergonomically fits the shape of your hand. Consider it an essential travel partner for all of your important excursions.

Matte Exterior: High performance meets sophisticated style in this impact-resistant polycarbonate exterior rendered in an understated matte finish. The subtle exterior is made from a lightweight yet highly durable material that makes maneuvering throughout your journey both effortless and elegant. All styles in the groundbreaking Edge Lightweight collection also feature a concave double rib design, a modern interpretation to the brand’s iconic double rib branding detail.

ZH Concave Edging: If intelligent design is a beacon of progress, the patented ZH Concave Edging™ may be the shape of the future. An innovative union of form and function, this exclusive architecture serves as the foundation for our new design language. The ZH Concave Edging™ is purposefully crafted with a focus on a modern aesthetic. The streamlined silhouette created by this unique, sculptural design element accents a bold traveling lifestyle.

Custom Pull & Carry Handles: There’s nothing more appealing than a perfect fit. The ergonomically designed handles of the Zero Halliburton Edge Lightweight Collection, a custom feature, feel as if they were tailored to your exact specifications. The molded polycarbonate pull handle with soft-touch finish glides in the hand, which echoes the similar ease of its single button release and retractable telescoping handle. Molded rubberized top and side carry handles, reminiscent of a luxury sport-watch strap, offer the same tactile pleasure and functionality.

ZH Chassis: Ease is the true test of functionality, and our patented ZH Chassis™ design ensures that every movement is as effortless as it is elegant. Performance-enhancing ball bearing wheels that glide without hesitation are encased in a supportive inset structure to ensure security, confidence, and flawless movement without sacrificing space. And because we believe that stunning design should be combined with unrivaled purpose, we built the Chassis with a distinctive scalloped grip handle to enable easy lifting into an overhead compartment or out of a vehicle.


  • Matte polycarbonate
  • ZH Concave Edging™ for extra strength
  • Low-profile, retractable rubberized side handles
  • ZH Chassis™ with scalloped grip handle near wheels for easy lifting from trunk or overhead
  • TSA approved custom cushion-cut latch lock with combination
  • Three-stage retractable telescoping handle with ergonomically-positioned single button release
  • Sumptuously lined interior for pampered and organized packing: A zip in or out separator, wide-panel tie-down straps with air-flow mesh to hold clothes in place, a full-clip closure compression panel with extra pockets to stow smaller items, and unobtrusive hanger clip that can accommodate a range of hanger sizes.
  • Rubber lined 360 wheels for added traction, ease, and shock absorption
  • Cushion-cut metal logo badge on which to hook a small shopping bag
  • Custom-made magnetized leather ID tag with monogram option
  • Concave double rib design and subtle branding
  • Available in Black, Gray, Navy and Sage

WEIGHT: 2.4lbs / 1.1kg WIDTH: 13in / 33.0cm DEPTH: 8in / 20.3cm HEIGHT: 16.5in / 41.9cm INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (W-D-H):12.6 x 7.5 x 16.1in / 32.0 x 19.1 x 40.9cm

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